Brazing Metal

Brazing Education

At Altair Technologies, we can braze virtually any metal used in high vacuum applications. These include low vapor pressure metals like Copper, Stainless Steel, Kovar, Moly, Iron, Monel, Cupronickel, Nickel, Tungsten, Platinum, Rhenium, Titanium, Aluminum, Tantalum, various alloys and many, many other types of metals including Beryllium.

We do not braze or machine or handle any high vapor pressure metals that might be seen as a contaminant to our customers. These include but are not limited to metals like Zinc, Bronze, and Brass.

Beryllium Brazing

One of the vacuum brazing areas that we excel at is Beryllium brazing. This process is done in a high vacuum because the Beryllium reacts strongly with carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen at the usual brazed temperatures. It has been used for windows in x-ray heads and other x-ray devices due to the fact that it has relatively high transparency to x-rays and other ionizing radiation types. It is also widely used for nuclear applications. Altair brazes Beryllium daily with virtually perfect first-pass yield.