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The Altair Research Group

The Altair Research Group provides an industry-leading technical competency for innovating, designing, improving and troubleshooting high-vacuum microwave electron devices while supporting our engineering and manufacturing divisions when needed. ARG represents Altair's engineering aptitude at the highest standards while also supporting all customers in all industries and services as needed.

A key purpose of the group is to innovate solutions to challenging engineering and manufacturing adversities as recognized by the world's leading experts.

Mission of the ARG

To provide expert technical advice, solutions and support for all Altair products, projects and customer services.

Contribution to Altair's Products & Services

We invest in ARG's facilities, equipment, software, and education to enable innovation of customer projects alongside our own products. More importantly, this strategy fuels our ability to quickly troubleshoot and solve those tough challenges that present in microwave components, vacuum electron devices, LINACs, and their peripherals.

Group Members

1. Xiaodong Ding, PhD; Chief Scientist
2. Mike Green, PhD (retired); Sr. Scientist and Adviser
3. Glenn Scheitrum, PhD; Microwave R&D Scientist
4. Paul Lovoi, PhD; Ceramic-to-Metal Joining, Electron Device Expert
5. Bob Drubka, PhD; Linear Accelerators

Benefits to Customers

The Altair Research Group provides a line of communication to our PhD physicists, access to a high-level of technical acumen within the team to address customer technical concerns and assistance with design, engineering, trouble-shooting and product innovation (next-gen).

Contract manufacturing is serious business. We understand OEMs and those seeking turnkey services require 100% confidence in their suppler and it requires not just a sizable engineering and manufacturing group with deep skillsets and experience. Whether it is to help a OEM engineer their new product or handle the inevitable DFM challenge (Design for Manufacturing) on the manufacturing floor, OEMs and those seeking turnkey services can feel secure knowing we not only built an unrivaled engineering, design and manufacturing group, they can further rely on the acumen of the ARG group when needed.

The Altair Research Group

ARG banner for The technically superior Altair Research Group
Our team of physicists and engineering experts provide a high level of technical acumen to drive innovation and manufacturing efficiencies.

- Capable of designing all LINACs and accompanying peripheral components on-site with PhD Scientists and Physicists
- Assess to all the software codes required for simulations and analyses; FEA, CFD, charged-particle dynamics, magnetics, Monte Carlo N-particle, electric field analysis
- Years of experience; 30-40+ years with some members.

Use the aforementioned design skills-sets, knowledge, and experiences to provide expert value in designing and manufacturing the next-generation process or product.

High-Tech Precision Brazing
ARG provides levels of expertise regarding material/alloy compatibility, temperature effects to specific materials, specific temperature profile controls, "wetting" characteristics and behaviors of various braze alloys, tooling and fixturing, furnace system accuracy and uniformity, surface plating requirements, specific application of brazing fillers, failure, and cross-section analysis, and post-braze processing (heat treat, etc).

The team provides a broad spectrum of expertise for the mechanical design of fitment of components (both at ambient and braze temp), the sequence of sub-assembly planning, and in-process machining designs. The benefits described in "Precision Brazing Services" also apply to our turnkey manufacturing services offered.

- Add valuable insight assessing potential root-causes for failures or performance issues by:
- Reviewing data with an expert opinion
- Running code to simulate the issue, potentially leading to a solution
- Immediate insight based on the many years of experience, and simply seeing these issue before in their careers
- Ability to search, investigate and collaborate within their networks to solve high-level issues.

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