Machine Shops

Machine Shops Are Both Customers and Suppliers

We provide brazing services to machine shops looking for brazing services on consignment and often, they will provide CNC services for our turnkey and contract manufacturing division; this mutually beneficial relationship is a cornerstone of our supply chain philosophy.

Approved supplier lists are the gateway to the Semiconductor industry. We are on many Tier 1 approved supplier lists (Applied Materials, Lam Research, etc.) and our select suppliers are approved as well. Working together as both suppliers and customers, we are able to contribute to a unique supply chain ecosystem.

Our Machine Shop Customers
Seek out our brazing services on consignment because we have the highest quality, hence very low risk for this demanding industry.
Altair In-House Machining
Is there to support all our customers and suppliers in quick-turn jobs, rapid prototyping, final machining and better manage on-time delivery challenges.
Our Machine Shop Suppliers
We work with the most reliable CNC Machine Shops in the USA to supply our Turnkey Services; if you would like to become a partner, please contact us to see if you qualify.

Helpful Information & Requirements

CNC machinists programming a vertical mill at Altair Technologies Inc. USA
Inside the in-house CNC machine shop at Altair Technologies Inc. USA
Inside the in-house CNC machine shop at Altair Technologies Inc. USA
Aluminum Precision Brazing
Clean, bright and zero contamination are just the surface level benefits. We have evolved our process of material joining for building large or micro complex assemblies without deformity beyond the capabilities of the competition. We provide fast turn around (17 hours is our Personal Best), exceptional quality and the lowest risk buy in the industry. 3D Metal Printing is growing in popularity, however, it cannot compete with the aesthetic results, use of homogenous materials, absence of deformity, batch sizes, overall cost and lead times we can offer.
Batch Processing Savings
One of the most effective ways to lower your overall costs and lead-time. Depending on size and complexity we are capable of processing over 20,000 parts per month. Please reach out to our sales team, so we can help you save time and costs now.
Part Design is Critical for Success
Design is critical for a successful braze. If you are a machine shop seeking a brazer for your customer, we encourage you to contact our engineering department for a quick design review to ensure your parts will achieve the best results for your customer.

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