A company rooted in
engineering and science

Our Company Promise

We will work hard to deliver what is most important to you and communicate in a transparent and collaborative environment.

Our Values

A company’s value is not in its products and services, it is in its people.

of Altair

A Unique Value Proposition

We have invested, fostered and formalized a world-class team of scientists and engineers with over 40 years experience in to a single collective, “The Altair Research Group“. Their mission is to solve the most challenging requirements in a broad spectrum of industries that others simply can’t take on.

Our goal is to ship parts that never come back to us and is why our commitment to our 5 Principles of Manufacturing is a key advantage for our customers beyond delivering the highest quality in the industry.

We are not just a a brazing company providing reliable turnkey services, LINACs and UHV components, we are a family of passionate engineers, scientisits and hard working contributors.  At Altair, it is open arms, transparent and collaborative with our customers. We are the kind of company that would invite you to join the company BBQ or the VP of Sales might drive to San Diego on a Saturday to hand-deliver your parts to live up to our promise; it happens.

On-Time Delivery (OTD) is a top priority and managed daily.
We are committed to earn your loyalty; delivering customer satisfaction.
Honest business values and ethics define our character and integrity.

Corporate Responsibility

Eecutivews inspecting parts on the shop floor at Altair USA

American Manufacturing

It's easy to lose sight of what really matters in the pursuit of success. Customer and Employee satisfaction are equally important and we believe that a healthy work environment is at the heart of American Manufacturing.
Loading a brazing furnace with copper parts Altair Technologies Inc. USA California Fremont 94358

Values & Ethics

We are proud to be a manufacturer in the USA operating with integrity and leadership, to have one of the best RMA response teams in the industry and grateful to have earned the trust of our loyal customers.
Copper raw materials, Altair USA
We exceed California regulations with regards to hazardous materials, conflicting materials reports, minerals, chemicals and more not because we have too, but because we want to; In conformance with IPC 1755 - CMRT, DRC Conflict-Free.

Mission Vision

Passion Action

We provide reliable turnkey, contract manufacturing services where furnace brazing technology and full-service engineering services are required. Defense, Aerospace, Semiconductor and Medical industries benefit from this formula and it easily serves the linear accelerator and UHV (Ultra-High Vacuum) component markets and communities. 


Our vision is to be the industry leader in brazing services, turnkey contract manufacturing, and LINAC / UHV components that have eliminated each of our customer’s needs to consider alternative suppliers.

1st choice for your approved supplier list.
Put your interests ahead of ours.
Behave with high ethical standards.


To be focused on transparency in the pursuit of the vision through team development and prosperity, growth of a loyal customer base, and exceling at our 5 Principles of Manufacturing that will outperform the competition.

Consistent quality & OTD performance.
Empower ourselves with the latest technology.


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