Inside a CNC vertical mill at Altair Technologies Inc. USA
Optical Inspection equipment at Altair USA

Your Personal Factory

Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

Experience turnkey services that lower costs and shorten production times with a complete, contract manufacturing turnkey solution that includes design/engineering, supply chain services, inventory management, in-house processing of materials, tooling, assembly, performance testing, packaging, and delivery.



Maximize your profits by leveraging our in-depth experience, reduced overhead and economies of scale.
Shorter Production Times via methods of efficiency, process and experience.
Access a robust supply chain 20 years of vendor relationships in good standing.

Engineering & Manufacturing in Sync.

Effectively streamline complex processes and avoid costly mistakes with The Altair Research Group solving your most challenging engineering and manufacturing problems.
Machinist working on a lather at Altair USA

Beyond Expectations

"I didn't know you could do that?" is a comment we hear often when customers visit us. Full service is exactly that and with an in-house CNC machine shop. Whether it's a bakeout process step or fluid flow analysis for your heat exchanger, we are a full-service contract manufacturing company you can depend on.

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