L-band & S-band up to the very high millimeter (mm) X-band frequencies

We offer complete, furnace-brazed custom waveguide assemblies utilizing oxygen-free copper waveguide material. We specialize in engineering and manufacturing fully brazed and tested waveguide assemblies with end flanges, waveguide tube sections that may be bendable or twistable in a custom and other structures in a non-standard configuration.

We design and build various rectangular and circular waveguide assemblies, including couplers, directional couplers, horns, elbow, adapters, tapers, transformers and straight-sections in any configuration you may need while covering many RF frequency ranges from L-Band & S-Band up to the very high millimeter (mm) wave frequencies.

We also offer drop in replacement waveguide assemblies for Varian and Varex; less cost, same performance and you can keep your old guide. Whether you have a detailed drawing or a napkin sketch with a performance requirements list, we can engineer, fabricate and performance test a custom solution for you.

The result of fabricating complex geometries at Altair Technologies Inc. (CML design)
Custom Waveguide Assembly (Turnkey) for CML Engineering

Most of the waveguides we make are used in vacuum or vacuum (one-side) and pressurized gas (the other side) applications. Most waveguides use stainless steel flanges (SLAC-type, Varian-Type, LIL, Cover, Choke and more) and extruded or machined copper guide as the transmission line. We also design and fabricate Aluminum waveguide assemblies using our vacuum aluminum brazing process.

We have the in-house testing capability and quality control to ensure our designs meet the desired low insertion loss and high transmitted power requirements (VWSR). Low loss designs can also be silver or gold plated to reduce microwave losses and ensure maximum energy propagation.

If you have a requirement for a custom waveguide assembly and need help with its design and fabrication, The Altair Research Group (ARG) can help with the engineering, the voltage or power handling, bandwidth, modes and braze and/or weld designs. In many cases, we can fabricate components in-house to ensure quality and expedited delivery.

We do not offer standard waveguide straight extrusion sections and components alone, or other preassembled configurations using materials such as aluminum and brass. If you are looking for standard waveguide components such as flanges or tube sections please visit

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