Serving Semiconductor

Reliable, dependable and on-time are the hallmarks of our current AMAT and LAM approved supplier status. If it's a Friday afternoon and you have an emergency request, call our VP of sales Al Luna and you most likely will be receiving parts the hand delivered the next day; our record is a17-hour turn around for a small copper assembly.

We believe that this kind of customer attention is required for the semiconductor industry and as a result, it has permeated into all facets of our operations to build a reputation we can be proud of.

Quality & Reliability

Though we are ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, NADCAP & ITAR, our reliability is earned through consistent elevated performance. Through the continual improvement of our Quality Management System, we have built a reputation for providing defect-free products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Vacuum Brazed Aluminum parts for Semiconductor Industry at Altair Technologies USA
This Deposition Braze Joint Study demonstrated the difference in porosity when thicker braze foils vs. thinner braze foils were used.

Our strategy is to provide manufacturing versatility whether customers order solutions on consignment or turnkey. We have a total of 14 brazing furnaces, two of which are PVT Vacuum Furnaces with a maximum 42” x 28” x 28” Hot Zone specifically dedicated to vacuum aluminum brazing while operating two shifts. Add our Double-Vacuum Bakeout Station, Full In-House Machine Shop and Welding (Spot, TIG) capabilities and we are fully capable of manufacturing large deposition chambers to micro-sized fin coolers.

Loading a vacuum brazing furnace, Altair Technologies Inc.
Inside view of a vacuum brazing furnace, Altair Technologies Inc.
Brazing furnace at Altair Technologies Inc.

Design Reviews & Testing

When orders are placed on consignment, we choose to review the design with our engineering team and customer first, provide detailed checklists and more to ensure excellent braze-joint design.

For example, when conditions of faying surfaces (bonding), specific flatness, surface roughness, and specific gap for capillary action are not addressed properly, the probability for success drops considerably.

Unlike the competition, we take the time to educate when applicable and often perform additional testing to ensure the requirements are met even though it is not specified.

Easy Tight Tolerance Assemblies
It sounds like an oxymoron to those with engineering or manufacturing experience. However, most engineers are unaware of just how powerful leveraging the precision brazing process can be for part and assembly design in semiconductor applications. Rather than o-rings, plates, and endless fasteners, genuine simplicity and eloquence for complex chamber assemblies, vacuum windows, cooling apparatus and more can be achieved.
Clean, Bright and Zero Contamination
With a higher standard of quality ingrained into our culture with a constantly improved quality system year over year, many customers end up with us because our quality is reliable and look cleaner, tighter and brighter than the competition.
Batch Processing Savings
Batch processing is one of the most effective ways to lower your overall costs and lead-time. Depending on size and complexity we are capable of processing over 20,000 parts per month. Please reach out to our sales team, so we can help you save time and costs asap.

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