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With the hard to find technical acumen of The Altair Research Group, you can design and build LINACs to your exact requirements with us. We are an experienced and stable contract manufacturer, specializing in RF linear accelerators for a variety of markets, products, and solutions.

Refurbish for up to 50% the cost of New

Refurbishment usually involves the waveguide assemblies where half the cost, equal performance, and a generous warranty is our standard offering. Similar to trading in cores for a radiator or alternator, we set up an arrangement swap-out and direct replacement as waveguides are consumed throughout the year.

A full Suite of Testing & Tuning Facilities

We have all the in-house testing facilities, equipment, and bunkers that LINACs and its peripherals require. You can feel confident that your product will perform to your requirements.

Our Roots

Altair was conceived from Varian engineers who had the vision to start a LINAC manufacturing company that would braze Varian’s medical linear accelerators together because, in the ’90s, Varian desired to outsource manufacturing while focusing on their own efficiencies.

Since then, we have become a global leader in designing, building, repairing and supplying both custom and production Linear Particle Accelerators, commonly known as “Guides,” to Medical and Security OEM’s, various research entities, as well as secondary market service providers who maintain oncology systems in hospitals worldwide. We supply both Electron radiation and X-Ray radiation Linear Accelerators (LINAC’s) ranging from 1 MeV to > 12 MeV.

We have decades of experience as a LINAC manufacturer, delivering turnkey solutions with many types of electron and particle accelerators of various energy outputs. All of Altair’s products are designed to support the linear accelerator community.

27 years of building new, remanufacturing and repairing both medical and security accelerators made by Varian Clinacs & Linatrons, ViewRay, Elekta, Siemens, Accuray, Reflexion, TomoTherapy, CPI, IntraOp Medical (Mobetron) and more.

We sell Electrons Guns used on all of the medical oncology OEM’s waveguides and in many cases also sell Waveguides, Target Assemblies, Ion Pumps, Electron Guns and RF Windows that are used/sold as cost-advantage after-market replacements for the medical LINAC markets serving radiation therapy or (RT radiotherapy) and industrial LINAC market for X-Ray inspection. 

We’ve also been involved in turnkey projects with Oncology OEMs, Industrial Inspection OEMs (X-Ray Cargo Inspection) and with national labs such as SLAC, Argonne National Lab, Fermi, Brook Haven, and Lawrence Livermore. All have included accelerators in L-Band, S-Band and X-Band frequencies while also making Side Cell and Cavity Components for the major medical OEM’s and National Labs.


Our versatile turnkey capabilities for the linear acclerator market extend into high temperature, double vacuum bakeout, together with high-voltage processing and electron beam emission testing (cathode roll-off curves). Additionally, we conduct RF testing and tuning; VSWR VNL stop-band and bead pull, along with Side Cell and Cavity tuning.

A LINAC for Oncology refurbished at Altair Technologies USA
A Refurbished LINAC
Linear Accelerator (LINAC) refurbished by Altair Technologies, USA
For Medical Linear Accelerator Market
Medical LINAC manufactured at Altair Technologies USA
Medical Linear Accelerator Equipment

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