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Manufacturing for Defense & Aerospace

We invite you to visit us in person to fully appreciate our turnkey, contract manufacturing capabilities and the added value we can provide for you. We have a knack for reducing customer’s processes and can provide the engineering and scientific support you can depend on. Our facilities, testing capabilities, and engineering resources can further be leveraged to reduce your steps in the manufacturing and performance testing of complex assemblies.

Altair was the first local brazer to focus on microwave vacuum electron devices. Shortly after Altair’s inception, the company began specializing in Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT’s) that were primarily used in military radar applications.

The three main product lines we support are Coupled Cavity TWT’s, Helix TWT’s and Klystrons. A large part of our technical staff engineered these products prior to their employment with Altair and maintains excellent product knowledge, which we find invaluable when working with our defense customers.


Our customer base in the Defense industry continues to grow because we have the in-house engineering and science expertise within the ARG group to improve designs for performance and manufacturability.

Reducing Customer's Processes

When one of our customers leveraged our in-house RF testing capabilities, we were able to save the customer 10 weeks in manufacturing time by truly providing a turnkey solution for them that our brazing competitors can not.

Global Commercial Satellites

We specialize in waveguides for global communication satellites and RF communication hardware, cooling plates, apparatus and card guides for electronics in the defense and avionics markets.

ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, NADCAP & ITAR

We are a turnkey manufacturer of Waveguides, Electron Guns, RF Windows, Collectors, Beam Shavers, Couplers, Input & Output Sections, Pinch-off Tubulations, and Ion Pumps.

Today these same product groups are essential to many defense and commercial applications and are utilized in many radar and electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems as well as weather radar and air traffic control. Whether it’s for a fighter aircraft, missile seeker or a ground based or naval radar system, you can count on us to deliver top quality that exceeds your expectations.

Leverage Our Capabilities

Whether it's our 10,000 sq. foot in-house CNC shop or the technical competency required when tuning designs for all leads to our Defense, Avionics and Aerospace customers saving significant time and money where other brazers simply can’t provide this level of competency or service.

Waveguides Example: Rather than living in a paradigm of sending parts back and forth due to a lack of a supplier's capabilities, customers discover the joy of true turnkey contract manufacturing and engineering. Simply provide us your performance specification and we perform the orchestration of machining, brazing, and RF testing to meet your requirements, saving everyone time and money.

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