Chemical Cleaning

Brazing LINAC
Chemical cleaning is an in-house process at Altair Technologies

For almost two decades Altair Technologies’ in-house chemical cleaning process has included a heated strong alkaline detergent followed by a cascading DI water rinse. The DI Rinse is calibrated and monitored for conductivity/resistivity and all water used in our in-house cleaning is filtered and polished. This process is environmentally friendly and is more than adequate for roughly 98% of the work we do. This chemical-cleaning process is particularly effective when the proper machining lubricants and coolants are used (ask Altair Sales about our approved lubricants and coolants).

We continue to over-emphasize the importance of prep-work and cleaning for wetting and filler spreading for excellent braze joint quality. Our rigours implementation of chemical cleaning processes is a staple of how we are able to deliver on the 5 Principles of Manufacturing while also ensuring re-work is kept to a minimum and batch processing truly offers the cost and time savings we promise to our customers.

Once cleaned, trace amounts of hydrocarbons are volatilized during the furnace run where any oxidation is also reduced. Although relatively simple and environmentally friendly, this process produces exceptional yields and has been tested and verified many times over through metallurgical cross-sectional analysis. In addition to our in-house process, we also employ ultrasonic cleaning.

When a stronger chemical cleaning or chemical etching and/or plating is required, we subcontract this work out to one of the close-by and approved Plating/Cleaning Shops.