High Voltage Processing & Cathode Emission

Altair Products LINAC

We are the only brazing Turnkey, Contact Manufacturer with High-Voltage Processing (Hi-Potting) capability and expertise.

In-house High Voltage Processing (Hi-Potting) & Cathode Emission Testing and Tuning at Altair Technologies

After bakeout, we routinely help our customers with various types of high-voltage testing and conditioning. We vacuum leak check the device with a testa-coil to ensure the device is vacuum-tight and an ion pump power supply. Once the desired vacuum pressure has been measured and recorded, we perform heater aging to remove any gas/ions that have been “gettered” into the cathode’s impregnation mix. We have a highly effective process to clean up ion pumps experiencing high leakage currents.

  • Electron Guns, Collectors, Insulated Targets and other isolated high-voltage assemblies can be hi-potted to ensure stable high-voltage operation. Our in-house hi-pot capability goes up to 50 kV DC. We also have an in-house AC hi-pot capability.
  • After high-voltage processing (Hi-Potting)and conditioning, and at the request of the customer we can RTV your high voltage assembly(s) to increase its high voltage stand-off in air. Altair is the only known turnkey brazing company with high-voltage testing capability and expertise.
  • We routinely perform emission testing (cathode roll-off curves) on all our electron guns to ensure proper operation.
  • Altair now has a modulator capable of furthering our test capability and allowing RF testing in-house used extensively for our own RF window flagship products.