Fremont, California – Altair, a global leader in turnkey, contract manufacturing, furnace brazing and linear accelerators (LINAC) is excited to announce the launch of its all-new website to better serve the Semiconductor, Medical, Security, Defense, and Aerospace Industries.  

With a new website also comes a new company promise and the formation of The Altair Research Group (ARG) that is chartered with the mission to solve the most challenging requirements that others simply can’t take on. Products and services are consolidated into three categories while Altair 360° provides a hub of valuable insights, news, and articles for those seeking answers to more technical questions.

The impactful layout and inspirational photography capture the hard-working spirit of its employees and collaborative work environment while full-page imagery handsomely showcases the company’s diverse capabilities, top quality, and commitment to delivering customer satisfaction.

As OEMs and supply chains become more competitive and integrated, any breakdown in supplier performance is unacceptable. A driving theme throughout the new website is our understanding and commitment to ensuring business performance is in sync with customer expectations. Our 5 Principles of Manufacturing summarize both Altair’s obligation to our customers and their expectations of business performance.

Co-CEO Chris Ferrari

Altair Products takes center stage by huddling Linear Accelerators (LINACs) and related products under one roof. The Waveguides, RF windows, and Electron Guns pages highlight Altair’s top-quality capabilities in full-page detail with easy to read and informative collapsable specification tables.

Advanced features proliferate the site to minimize clicks, provide at-a-glance recognition of key information and are accompanied with informative slideshows and videos. The handiest feature is the hover mega menus, which automatically presents rich content for visitors to arrive at their destination within one click.

The launch of is the first step of many that will further distinguish us as a relevant American Manufacturing company on-mission to solve our customer’s manufacturing challenges and earn their loyalty by delivering on our 5 Principles of Manufacturing.

About Altair USA

Altair Technologies, Inc. ( is a global leader in turnkey, contract manufacturing services, precision furnace brazing services, and the design and manufacture of linear accelerators (LINACs). A company newsletter and the unveiling of Altair’s synergistic business philosophy for accelerated growth and employee prosperity are soon to come. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and subscribe to Altair 360° for the latest in American Manufacturing.