Bakeout Services for UHV Applications

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A high vacuum, Sauder double bakeout station at Altair Technologies Inc.

Dual Bell Sauder Bakeout Station

The fact that Altair Technologies remains the only known brazing company offering bakeout plus diffusion bonding services is a testament to our commitment to our customer base, its high vacuum applications and providing turnkey solutions others simply can’t take on. We are continuing to capitalize and bring new capabilities and services to the market for advanced material joining and high vacuum applications.

We have a fully functional cryo-pump bakeout station capable of over 600C operation and fitted with an RGA sensor to detect various gas species. The Bells are large enough to handle high powered S-Band linear accelerators as well as X-Ray Tubes and Traveling Wave Tubes or virtually any electron beam, rf power or UHV vacuum device.

The double vacuum bakeout station is capable of temperatures >600°C and >1000°C respectively. These vacuum bells utilize ultra-clean cryo pumps capable of delivering x 10-9 scale vacuum pressures and can include the aforementioned RGA sensors.

Our Bakeout Stations are computer-controlled with built-in filament power supplies for cathode activation and can accommodate virtually any bakeout schedule. Once baked out, we can continue to process your device, see “High Voltage Processing”. We continue to add core and complementary capabilities to our turnkey services like bakeout and have always been leaders and innovators in this regard.